Jiaogulan of Gynostemma Pentaphyllum adaptogene anti-cancer tea plant

Description of Gynostemna Pentaphyllum

A strengthening tonic with adaptogenic power

Gynostemma Penthaphyllum otherwise known as Jiaogulan is a powerful adaptogenic herb that is becoming very popular in Asia as an alternative to green tea and also Ginseng. It has the ability to increase strength, stamina and endurance But also has the ability to be physically and mentally protective in regards to the stresses of modern living. It is a tonic herb (meaning one can take it everyday without it being liver toxic and it’s benefits are cumulative It is very fortifying to the digestive, nervous, reproductive and cardiovascular systems of the body.

It’s adaptogenic properties are due to the vast amounts of saponins contained therein. As far as has been ascertained, It has the largest amount of saponins of any plant, over 80 in fact! These saponins are called gypenosides. There are four times the amount of saponins in Gynostemma than there are in ginseng which contains saponins called ginsenosides. Some of the gypenosides in Gynostemma actually convert to ginsenosides once inside the human body. this is good news because Gynostemma is much more affordable than Ginseng, which if you buy the really high end stuff can certainly burn a sizable hole in your wallet !

Because of its adaptogenic power, Gynostemma has the ability to modulate ones weight. So for example if you want to lose weight it can be very helpful and useful and conversely if you want to gain weight it can aid in the process.
Gynostemma is naturally sweet so can be a useful tool in balancing blood sugar levels. It improves metabolism and has a detoxifying action on the digestive system particularly by promoting proper bowel functionality.

Gynostemma Penthaphyllum also has a powerful effect on the immune system through it’s ability to increase the amount of white blood cells. It is a relaxant and is able to modulate mood from depressed to uplifted or from excited to calm. It is a brilliant mechanism for reducing stress and anxiety.
In Chinese medicine this plant can be used to reduce tiredness, as a libido regulator, a treatment for bronchial issues and a general all round body strengthening tonic.

It is able to modulate good and bad cholesterol (HDL and LDL). It has a powerful impact on cardiovascular health and it also has the ability to increase the bodies ability to endogenously manufacture the enzyme/antioxidant Super oxide dismutase (SOD). It is also very nutritious and contains various trace minerals amino acids and vitamins.

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